Digital signage is a growing industry where large flat televisions are installed in outdoor and indoor locations. Digital Signage Solutions & Services is a fully integrated digital signage solutions provider for the provision of multimedia content in order to promote, inform, and entertain specific targeted audiences by:

Using state-of-the-art technology combining video with other media-rich content so as to create and refresh product advertising, messaging etc.
Providing multiple dynamic messages with full-motion video on a pre-programmed schedule.
Enabling business owners and corporate clients to display targeted promotions, brand advertising, infomercials, and community news, reports, etc.

Digital Signage has many intangibles which include customer experience, hi-tech feel, branding and sales uplifts. Whether its product/company branding or customer experience, hi-tech feel or sales uplifts – we believe that digital signage will eventually catch up with traditional advertising programs. The digital signage industry (VAR's, End User Organizations, Integrators, etc) must become more effective in communicating and understanding these intangibles received from implementing digital signage systems. Get in touch with one of our representatives to discuss the intangibles of your business initiatives.

Digital Signage Solutions & Services (A Division of SSSPL)

We offer managed Digital Signage Service. Here is an overview of our service:

Companies, advertisers can demonstrate higher brand awareness by targeting relevant information to an audience near the point of purchase
Display ads that are not just TV-quality, but more relevant
Save on printing costs and processing time
Instant digital programming with informative and entertaining content
Over 75% of all purchasing decisions are made at the point of sale. Digital signage allows clients to influence those decisions whilst raising sales.
Enhance the store environment and make shopping more fun!
Research shows that people are 5 to 10 times more likely to pay attention to the dynamic rich-media contents in contrast to the traditional static signs

Solution Key Features include:

Simple and effective management of your remote devices easily
Determine which displays are operating normally
Get notified instantly if a display goes down
Automatically turn on/off the display based on a schedule
Automatically reboot a machine in case of instability
No server software or hardware to purchase
Content scheduling, publishing and reporting
Proof of ad playback
Flexible screen layout

Display Types Supported:

Image file formats - JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, RAW, PSP, TIFF, MNG, DIB, SGI, RGB, INT, BW , PSD, PDD, PPM, TGA
Audio formats – MP3, MP4, MP2, RA, RM, WMA, GSM, PSF,RAW, WAV
Play list formats – ASX, M3U, PLS, RAM, XSPF
Video file formats – 3GP, MPEG, MOV, MNG, Quicktime, AVI and Windows Media video files, DivX, high definition video
Spreadsheets – 123, ODS, XLS, XLSX, XLR, XLT, TSV, OTS, CSV, AWS
Presentation – PPT, ODP, OTP, PPS, SXI, SHF, STI, PRZ, OTP
Others -Flash and Shockwave animations, live web based text, news and video feeds

Deployment Checklist:

Analyze business promotion and communication needs
Display Terminals - Cost-effective display screens with varying display-sizes can be used as per user needs.
Display Client HW - Depending on the content to be displayed on the display-terminal different HW-platforms may be selected for the Display Client Hardware. Some of the possibilities are: industry-standard PC's, PC's for use in special environments or embedded solutions for special needs.
Display Server and Display Center HW - Several options can be deployed based on user needs. Display Center and Display Server may run on Linux or MS Windows platform.
The Display solution consists of three applications which handle different tasks at different locations:
- Display Center - Content provider tool for the preparation, aggregation, addressing, scheduling and transmission of content and play lists.
- Display Server - Receiver tool for the reception of content and play lists, file processing and playback coordination. Display server is also responsible for providing feedback about the current status of the content and the display-terminals.
- Display Client - Terminal application which runs the playback of the content files according to the play list and controls and monitors the display-terminal via the distribution network.
Internet connection at each location

Media Networks (Content Providers)
Digital Signage Solutions & Services offers solutions that can be deployed at a “high-value” location which provides a very good advertising tool for all small/medium businesses to target their customers and channel partners. We provide Entrepreneurs with a vision and mission and plan to deploy digital signage with the perfect solution which will help you manage the network.

Corporate Communications
Digital Signage Solutions & Services provides the perfect solution to Businessmen looking to promote their business and improve communications. Affordable as well as effective digital signage from Digital Signage Solutions & Services can provide powerful communication means and can be deployed at any location to improve the communications.

System Integrators
As a systems integrator for digital signage, Digital Signage Solutions & Services provides the best solution for the intended use and location. Digital Signage Solutions & Services has knowledge about the complete digital messaging solution — the physical components as well as the content creation and available management options. We research with different technologies of Plasma, LCD’s, Projection Cubes, Projectors and Ticker Tape type signs used indoors to determine which the best option for any location is. Not one technology is the solution to all. We consider factors like ambient light, environmental considerations, sight lines, and security with the added benefit of working with your architects and designers to provide an aesthetically pleasing and exciting display which maximizes impact. We are used to “integrating” and working with all parties involved.
Interactive displays such as touch sensitive panels or ID tag activated panels that will speak to you as you approach the panel can tell a patron about a new product or a sale on a brand purchased in the past. Interactive kiosks can be used to provide information on products or services in almost any situation. Interactive situations are not limited to wall displays or kiosks. There are systems available that turn a whole store window to an interactive panel, or even a floor. The quality of our hardware products and their delivery has a great bearing on the content impact. There are many areas of industry expertise that must be considered to provide an overall good experience. Each has its merits as well as its place when looking to Digital Signage. Creativity as well as function and return on investment can be found with a combination of players from the different sub industries. Digital Signage Solutions & Services plays a key role to provide you with a complete digital signage experience by helping you use all your resources in the best way to influence your audience.

Digital Signage Solutions & Services provides a technology and service platform for value-added resellers to capitalize on the fast growing digital signage and media network market. If you are a system integrator, content designer or traditional sign provider and would like to offer digital signage solutions to your existing customers, Digital Signage Solutions & Services can give you a quick jumpstart. We offer a cost-effective service platform for you to start your own digital signage solution business today anytime anywhere. Our Digital Signage Network Management Services allow you to provide turnkey digital signage solutions to your customers without purchasing and managing server hardware and software. We provide all the backend server and support services required to run a digital signage network. Based on your business model and requirements, you have the flexibility to choose the products and services that will help you achieve your goal.

Our future initiatives include:

VOD Solutions
Solutions for Educational needs
Solutions for Hotel industry
Solutions for Content Service Providers

Content delivery solutions
Solutions for Educational institutes
Solutions for Hotel industry
Solutions for Content Service Providers